When we recognize our true essence, we live knowing we are more than our five senses.  We walk by faith fearless, courageous unmoved.  We become the knowing that there is something bigger than you or I could ever imagine.

We become the flow, resisting nothing.  We become the peace that surpasses all understanding.    We become free from worldly emotions knowing we belong to no one and yet, we belong to everyone.   We become enlightened, no longer needing validation, approval and acceptance.

For when we accept our Divine connection and belonging to everyone and everything, we will uncover and live the true essence our being – LOVE.

One thought on “Our True Essence

  1. I enjoy reading your posts and want to thank you for your loving, inspiring messages, Josette. “Our True Essence” really spoke to my true essence! This writing comes at the most perfect time and in the most perfect circumstances. It’s good to travel this road together. All roads lead to the One.

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