The conversation that follows may be the one you are now having with yourself or friends or the one you had yesterday.   At some point in our lives, the question of ‘Who Am I’ will come up and how we respond will start us on a road less traveled or a road traveled by others.    Listen to hear.

              Nuella and Nestor begin the conversation as our foursome drives home.  “I am not sure I buy into all this ‘Who am I’ nonsense,” Nestor says.  “Everyone knows who I am, including me.  What do you think, Nuella?  Don’t I know who I am?”

              And before Nuella could respond, Michael jumps in.  He shares his understanding of the complexity of our thought processes and how much beliefs influence our decisions   Rosemary nods and shares how she always allows others to influence her thinking.  She confesses many of her choices were based on how they would make her look around others.  Rosemary believes their opinions are more important than her own thoughts and feelings.

              “Every time I want to make a choice,” Rosemary explains,  “ I scan the room thinking, Who do I know?  Then go with the flow to avoid looking confrontational.”

              Nuella, wanting to get her thoughts heard sighs and tells how her political associations and houses of worship influence the way she looks at life.  “I find statements and quotes from the experts that support my position.  But often my position is taken out of context which leads to misunderstandings   The last place I usually go is to the authentic me because I am not sure I respect her.  My entire life has been based on the options of others that I forgot who I really am.”   Now armed with new information Nuela is upset and questions how she knowingly allowed other people to make her choices.

              Our foursome agrees it is time to examine their baseline of beliefs, wondering about their assignments and tomorrow’s topic,  Reexamine, Reconnect and Reestablish.

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