What happens when we, you and I, get confused, worried or fearful?   We keep talking, we talk to ourselves and others.  But, if we are talking, how can we hear or listen? Mindful meditation is a practice that allows us to pause long enough to drop from our incessant chattering minds down to our hearts […]

Best times

Did you know the best times to pray and meditate are: When there is unrest or confusion in our minds and hearts. When overwhelmed and we can’t take one more thing. When we need to be refreshed, nurtured and renewed in our bodies, minds and spirits. When we have a need, a want or a […]

There is a Divine Order

There is Divine Order in all things if we are patient and stop over analyzing.    There is Divine Order in chaos, when things seem to be out of control, if we remain in the present moment. There is Divine Order when we become the observer and not the judge.  There is Divine Order when we […]