Want to live more at ease, more in the flow of life?  Embrace the following 5 easy steps:

  1. Let go of trying to control every person.   The only person you can control is YOU.  Remember, not everyone is going to like you, like yourself.
  2. Live in the present, in the moment.  Today is a new day, tomorrow may never come and yesterday cannot be changed no matter how many times we think I could or should have.   Remember, if you knew then, what you know now, you would have – stay present.
  3. Trust life is for you – look for the rainbows, the opportunities, the partly sunny skies.
  4. Stop placing a but after every word.
  5. Accept everything said or done is not about you.   Neither judge or take anything  personally – hurting people hurt people – send them light and love.  Remember, what we intend for others is returned to us.    

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