Did you know?

Did you know the first to apologize is the BRAVEST,  the first to forgive the STRONGEST and the first forget the HAPPIEST?

Who and what’s in your story-line?

We know everyone has a story; but, do we know what and who makes up our stories? Yes, certainly, our beliefs and perceptions but, did you know who and what we connected to yesterday or who and what we connect to today and how we connect them all into our tomorrows matters more? Booker T. Washington, […]

What’s my story NOW!

From the beginning it has been and always will be your story.  However, in the past, you may have handed over your pen to others allowing them to direct and produce the story for you; BUT, at what price? So today, I ask, “Have you had enough and, are you ready to take back your […]

If we listen, what would we hear?

Our lives become the stories we tell and the character roles we choose to play.  Our stories tell how much into tomorrow we live and how much of the past we still  dramatize and hold onto. But are we listening?