The word ‘OVERWHELM’ is a term we are hearing more now than ever before.  It is a term that describes a feeling of being buried under a huge amount of _____(you can fill in the blank).    We, you and I, will experience the feeling of being overwhelmed at some or many points of our lives.   And, the only way to avoid it is to plan ahead.

The following 5 life skills, when implemented, will help avoid feeling and saying, I am OVERWHELMED, ready:

    1.  Check in throughout your day …. what is my body telling me?   Shoulders, head, chest area tight?
    2.  Take a time out break and breathe deeply, count to 10, walk in a circle.  (Any physical movement will do.)
    3.  Implement the 4 Ds and avoid clutter in your thoughts, on your desk, kitchen counters, in your car, closet etc.
      • Discard it – all the un-necessaries.
      • Delegate it – ask for help.  We are not the here I come to save the day heroes or heroins.
      • Delay it – file it or add it to your task list to do at a later time.
      • Do it.   There will be those tasks that require immediate attention.
    4.  Keep life simple – see things for what they are not worse or better….just as they are.
    5.  Slow down by asking 3 questions taken from the movie The Way of the Peaceful Warrior:
      • Where am I?  Answer:  Here 
      • What time is it?  Answer: Now 
      • Who am I? Answer: This Moment

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