Is it time?

Is it time we recognize who and what really matters and who and what never did? Is it time our thoughts become heart directed and not head directed? Is it time we live authentically and not fear our vulnerability? Is it time we acknowledge our oneness and know what affects one, effects everyone? is it time…

Could it be today?

There will come a time when you and I recognize who and what really matters, who and what never did, and who and what always will.  And, there will come a day and a time when we choose to show up courageously authentic, ready to take a leap of faith, fearing not our vulnerability. Could today be […]


Triggers are emotions we hold deep inside. They are the feelings of disappointments and sounds of alarming thoughts. Triggers will be carried from place to place and  person to person until we choose to stop and unpack old painful memories. Today, we are at a crossroad….do we drop and unpack the emotional baggage leaving the […]

Do you have a dream?

Many wish upon a star and never see their wish come true.  But for Chris Gardner, once homeless now multi-million, he had more than a wish.  He had a dream. If you have a dream, don’t let people tell you, you can’t.    When people can’t believe in their dreams, they are not going to […]

Freedom Day

Today is Independence Day.  A day we are at choice again.   A day we are free to express ourselves and choose our attitude. Today is freedom day.   A day not to be taken for granted, but to live with a deep sense of gratitude. Grateful for America and grateful to our Creator.


Ever wonder what life is about?   For me, life is: not how or why you sing this song or that song, but finding the courage to sing a song. not how often or how long you meditate, but that you spend time with you and your Creator. not about filling your life with doing this […]

One experience or 365 – choose!

Everyday we choose to live one experience for 365 days or 365 experiences, one for each day. So we pray, God help me to forgive and let go of disappointing hurtful memories from my yesterdays.  Help me to open my heart a little more each day and welcome my new experience for this my new and only […]

Do we really know?

What does it take to really know yourself? To know yourself takes courage and accountability. It takes a willingness to see the truth from the inside out. To know yourself is to identify your opportunities, recognize your strengths and build on them. It takes awareness and acknowledgement of what we know and don’t know. To know […]

Today, we are at choice

Clouds can cover the sun, but they cannot stop the sun from shining.  And, so it is with our  fears and disappointments – they cannot stop us from our dream without our permission. In 1953, three neighborhood vocalist came together and sang their dream.  They proved life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how […]

Are we ready?

We increase effectively: when we pause to process asking what’s happening before reacting when we check in from the inside out, pray then proceed when we recognize for every YES, there are as many NOs when we look at behind the scenes, our WHYs then plan accordingly when we accept that we control our choices, triggers […]